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The casino sites below offer some of the best webmaster opportunities on the Internet. Each one has a unique theme that actually carries through the graphics for each game. All of them are licensed and trustworthy. Webmasters make some cash from your web site today!

Captain Cooks Casino webmaster program

Captains Cooks Casino

The Captain Cooks Casino Webmaster Program. We offer you the opportunity to earn unlimited income through your network. You earn up to a 50% commission on the net revenue we receive from the players that arrive through your site.

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SlotLand Casino

PLAYERS: We will pay you for every customer directed from your site(s) who starts to play with us. Every time your customer makes a transaction transferring new money from his/her credit card or checking account, you will be paid a 15% commission from the gross transaction amount. This money is added in your account immediately. Further customers' wins or losses do not affect your commission, there are no deductions for their winnings or chargebacks. WEBMASTERS: Alternatively, if you refer a new webmaster, you will receive a commission equal to 3% of this webmaster's players' purchases.

ReferBack.com - Successful and Profitable Affiliate Programs !

Refer Back Casino

NEW AFFILIATES GET $50 FREE! All new Affiliates qualify for this promotion. Once you have joined, downloaded banners and started to drive traffic through to the Casino thereby generating revenue, we will credit you with $50 on your first $100 (or more) monthly payment!

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